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The Power Innovative Research Consultant is an experienced team of MATLAB specialists. has some of the highly qualified experts in MATLAB, providing help with MATLAB homework and MATLAB project help in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, computational analysis, algorithms, Deep Learning based image processing, Develop modeling and simulation of various engineering systems, Graphical User Interface (GUI). Highly qualified scientists and professors here have a doctorate. In domains of Power System, Smart Grid, Microgrid, Artificial Intelligent, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, ANFIS, Fuzzy, Predictive maintenance, Renewable Energy Sources, Electrical Vehicle, Big data analysis, Signal processing, Communication systems, Medical image processing, Control system, Robotics and Advance Mathematics.





MATLAB – Simulation Model

 1. Artificial Intelligent Controller Based Grid Integration of Hybrid PV/Wind/FC Energy Using Smart Inverter.  Model Download

2. Artificial Intelligent Controller Based Hybrid PV – FC and Wind Power System Using Multilevel Cascade Inverter.  Model Download

3.   Fuzzy Controller Based MPPT For Fuel Cell System.  Model Download

4. PI – Controller Based Voltage Regulation of Three Phase Inverter.  Model Download

5.  Fuzzy Based Grid Integration of Photovoltaic Power System Using Multilevel Inverter.  Model Download

6. Renewable Energy Based Micro Grid Power Management System.  Model Download

7. Design and Modelling of Hybrid Photovoltaic and Wind Power System.  Model Download

8.  Grid Integration of Hybrid 20 kW PV And Wind Power System with Intelligent Controller Based Energy Management.  Model Download

9.  Artificial Intelligent Controller Based PV Microgrid System.  Model Download

10. Intelligent Controller Based Hybrid PV / Wind Power System.  Model Download

11. Intelligent control based Grid connected Photovoltaic power system.  Model Download

12. Intelligent Controller based Energy Management System for 15 kW Solar power system AC & DC loads. Model Download

13. Fuzzy Logic Based Energy Management System for Hybrid PV / Wind Power System.  Model Download

14. Fuzzy Control Based Multi-Port Converter For PV And Battery Management System.  Model Download

15. ANN-Fuzzy Based Speed Control of Solar Powered DC Motor .  Model Download

16. ANFIS MPPT controller for Wind Energy system. Model Download

17. Hybrid Neuro Fuzzy Intelligent controller based MPPT for PV Power System. Model Download

18. Fuzzy Logic controller Based MPPT of Hybrid PV and WIND Microgrid system with Battery Management System. Model Download

19. ANFIS Based on grid integration of hybrid PV/Wind power system. Model Download

20. Intelligent Controller Based selection of Optimal Size of Renewable Energy Sources. Model Download

21. Machine Learning based hybrid PV and Wind Power ( Load ) Management System Model Download

22. Matlab programming for beginners and intermediate Learners , Download : Matlab codeCode PDFMatlab code PIRC DOWNLOAD

23. Machine Learning based hybrid PV and Wind Power Management System : Model Download

24. Artificial Intelligence-based microgrid integration of 200 kW PV system and Electrical Vehicle Energy management system

Model Download

25. Advanced Machine Learning Algorithm-Based Grid Integration of Photovoltaic System Through Cascade Multilevel Inverter and Improve the Power Quality

Model Download

26. Artificial Intelligent controller-based Energy management system for microgrid integration of PV and energy storage device

: Paper-Download


In today’s world, photovoltaic (PV) energy generation is rapidly becoming more widespread and effective. In order to combat the effects of climate change, a number of nations have placed an emphasis on photovoltaics and made considerable financial expenditures in the production of electricity. Solar power generation is notoriously challenging due to the non-linear characteristics of the process. The amount of sunlight and the temperature outside are the only factors that can influence this at all. This article focuses on two important research areas: the maximum energy production of a photovoltaic system under non-linear weather conditions, and the integration of photovoltaic systems into the power grid with energy management. Both of these topics are currently receiving a lot of attention in the field. The conventional controller, which does not contribute to the generation of a solar system’s maximum possible power. As a direct consequence of this, artificial intelligence (AI) is an indispensable tool for optimizing the production of photovoltaic (PV) energy under a wide variety of climatic circumstances. The integration of solar and energy management systems into the electrical grid was the topic of discussion in the second half of this essay (EMS). Within the context of this piece, artificial intelligence plays a significant part in the management of energy by supplying clients with uninterrupted power through the use of an energy storage device. In the end, a simulation of the suggested system was carried out in Matlab, and its functionality was analysed under a variety of different operational situations. In order to demonstrate that the proposed system is effective, the results of the simulation are compared to those found in IEEE 519.

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